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Level 1

Beginning Guitar - (8-week) 120
This course covers all the fundamentals of playing the guitar. We will learn to strum chords to our favorite songs, explore fingerpicking, lead playing and start reading music.

Fingerstyle Guitar - (8-week) 120
For those who want to explore fingerpicking this is the course for you! You can take this course whether a complete beginner or if ou already have experience and it will be catered to the level you are currently at, and stretch you to a whole new pace....

The Rhythm Guitarist - (8-week) 120
For those who want to go in-depth into chords, strumming techniques andthe foundations that make a great rhythm guitarist. This course can be catered to complete beginners or guitarists who havealready taken the 'Beginning Guitar' course or have some experience.

The Lead Guitarist with Improvisation/Jamming
(8-week) 120
If ou reall want to learn how to join in when musicians are jamming together, or to really focus and get into solo and lead playing then this course will take you there. This can be catered for complete beginners or for those who have taken the 'Beginning Guitar Course' or already with some experience.


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